After Earth Competition

To celebrate the release of the movie After Earth, Hoyts are giving away 3 prize packs to 3 lucky viewers!


In the comments below, tell us why you like going to the movies at the Mandarin Centre. The 3 best answers will receive these great gifts which include an “After Earth T Shirt, 7-in-one multi tool and a special pen.”

  • Christina

    Because its also a great place to shop & dine.

  • Jessica

    Because you can be a whole new person by the time you get to Hoyts! Get a haircut at Kiss Your Hair, buy some $2.80 slippers at Daiso, win the lottery at the Newsagency, get new designer clothes at Trade Secret, take a photo at Morning Glory, exercise at Strike, nomnom at the Food Court and get a drink at The Gordon Club!

  • Rob

    Dash to Dash for a coffee, Strike out at Strike and then give a holler at Hoyts as the credits roll… good times!

  • Simon

    An international food court to keep everyone happy.
    Morning Glory to grab a last minute present if required.
    Daiso and Trade Secret to keep mum busy whilst are at the movies
    Strike – bowling and laser to burn off energy before going home!

  • Felix

    Great Food Court with a lot of variety to start off the day, get GREAT QUALITY bargains at Daiso before going to Hoyts. The cinema isn’t as crowded or as noisy as others and they still have the same great shows as well as some great foreign movies for all the movie lovers. Afterwards, it’s always great just to cool off for a while in the calm and friendly environment before going to Strike or meet up with mates at the Gordon Club